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Hi  Theresa,

Indy is great! we are having so much fun with him! We have gone to the beach with

him a few times, taken him to visit family in Seattle, and enjoying all

all of his puppy ways.All of our relatives absolutely love him! Somehow our staff is

finding themselves in the back yard alot more frequently now. Unfortunately, he

broke two baby teeth and so the vet suggested neutering him early so that they could 

do all the procedures, teeth extractions and neutering, with just one anesthesia session. 

They said it isn't good to do it all at once, so he was neutered two weeks ago. His

teeth are fine now, and his neutering went well and healed perfectly.He weighs 40 lbs

now.I can't believe how fast he has grown! He is really a sweetheart. I am sending you

pictures of him from the last few months.  



Hi  Theresa,

We named her Holly Hugs because she is so sweet that it is impossible not to give

her hugs! She is doing fine and knows basic commands.

Every afternoon we go for walk (jogging) and she comes home ready to just  

watch tv with us, not even paying attention to my little boy who loves Holly.

Thank you so much for Holly we are very happy !!

                                                                          Thanks Karina 


Hi Theresa , 

We haven't sent you a photo in a long time. I just wanted to let you know

that Barnacle is doing great ! 

                                                                               All the best, Lita and Lon Garrison


Hi  Theresa ,

Hazel  is huge and very playful. We have so much fun with her and our other 

dogs. Our little pin has become best friends with her.We take her swimming at

my dad's house and she just loves to doggie paddle around the pool.We just love

her so much!.Talk to you soon. Thank you for letting us make Hazel part of our family.

She will have a great life here and has earned her keep. She has already killed a

couple of rats in the yard! We are enjoying her being part of our family.



                                                      Jennifer and Steve  







Hi Theresa,
We bought TWO puppies from you in February and named them Cassie (girl pink) and Shiloh (girl yellow & the smallest of the litter).  They are now 6 months old and we still get stopped wherever we go with them as they are so beautiful.  Even from baby puppies, they impressed people with their calmness and happy dispositions.  They have been to puppy kindergarten and also to basic obedience classes, but they knew sit and stay before we took them to class.  (We needed to have some order around here...)  They are super smart and learned to sit and stay within a week of having them home.  They were house trained within 2 months, which included when they stay in our fifth wheel with us. They have now been trained to hit a hanging bell with their nose if they need to go out, so we know what they need regardless of where we happen to be in the house and they also use the bell in the fifth wheel. They were so well adjusted that they didn't even whimper the first night, but of course we had them in our bed!!  They now have their dog bed in our room and seem to take turns sleeping on their bed or our bed.
They are well loved and happy dogs, love their toys and love to go for rides and to the park. They definitely have different personalities and Cassie (the larger one) seems to be the leader (after us, of course) but she is also the one who is the closest to Bob and would almost rather have him hold and rock her then play with her sister.  Shiloh is tough and will play hard with other dogs and is not intimated by their size at all.  We try to keep them well socialized so they can interact with other dogs, instead of only each other. When Shiloh lays down she always has to be close to you--a paw touching you or her head on your feet!  They are just two happy pups who are always excited and eager to see new places, people or other animals.  They will literally run after flying birds, so we are careful to keep a close eye on them. 
Thank you again for allowing us to adopt your precious babies.  The entire litter was so cute. Fat, happy puppies that were so playful and their Mom and Dad were such nice, sweet dogs. I know that I already told you this, but I was so impressed with the area you had them staying in.  Everything was so clean and perfect.  We did arrive at your house unexpectedly so I know that how we saw the puppies was exactly the way they lived.  Unfortunately, this was not quite the case with other puppies we had visited.  You and these pups were a good match for what we were looking for in high quality, smart and healthy pets. Thank you for being such a caring breeder. 

We hope to see you soon with Cassie and Shiloh.
Darlene & Bob












                    Theresa , thanks again for the best pup ever. We  enjoyed our experince with you.


                            Happy Holidays  November 2012.


                             Stan & Lori