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These are a few things you should have before you bring your new puppy home



If you’re picking up your puppy, bring along a bowl and a bottle of water. We recommend not stopping at rest parks on your way home. Until your puppy has had all of it’s puppy shots it’s better not to go where many other animals go that may not be vaccinated.

They go to the vet about two days before they’re scheduled to go home for an exam, they will have first round of puppy shots, and be dewormed. We will give you all of the shot records. You can take your puppy to the vet for a check up as soon as you get your puppy. Let your vet know when your puppy received it’s first set of shots so that you can schedule your puppies 2nd set of shots. 

Thanks for letting us SD Golden's provide you with your forever family member!


We do all clearances on our dogs to ensure that it tightens the genes so your pet has a healthier life, but even if you do them there is always that chance in one of the litters you may get one that could get hip displaysia or heart murmurs.